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5 Ways to Recapture the Wonder of God in Your Life

Scripture suggests we are meant to live in wild awe and amazement of God. From the first splash of creation to the miraculous provision during the exodus to the announcement of Christ’s arrival, those who encounter God are taken back with a deep sense of wonder.

Yet all too often we can lose sight of the wonders of God.

Whether you’ve never felt any sense of amazement regarding God, or maybe you’ve misplaced your sense of awe somewhere along the way, or even just want a greater sense of marvel in your life, here are five ways to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK starting today:

1.  See the world through a child’s eyes. When was the last time you glimpsed the world through someone under the age of 8? They’re naturally gifted at seeing everything from a different perspective—and not just because of their height. They notice details, colors, textures, and sounds that we often miss. Kids have an uncanny ability to find joy in the smallest discoveries, the simplest experiences. If you don’t have kids yet, spend time with your nieces or nephews. Offer to babysit for a friend. And when you do, get down on their level—your knees or even sitting on the floor to grab hold of childlike wonder.

2. Snap photos of the wonder of creation. Even if you’re not on Instagram or Pinterest yet (gasp!), take your smart phone or camera outside and begin snapping photos of the delights in nature. Capture photos of the royal blue canvas of the sky, the solo down-feather puffy cloud, the texture of a thin tree branch or emerald leaf. As you look through the lens, ask God to open your eyes to see the world with greater gratitude—appreciating the expansiveness and intricacies of God’s design. Post what you see online with the hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK to share with others.

3. Spend an afternoon with a lifelong friend. We live in a world where you can buy just about anything online—guns & ammo, the perfect skinny jeans, a plane ticket to the Congo. But one of the things money will never be able to buy is a 10- or 20-year-old friendship. Carve out time to spend a few hours with someone who knew you way-back-when. The friend who still loved you when you had that haircut, went through that breakup, survived that crazy stage of life with you. Drink in the sweet warmth of knowing and being known and rekindle the wonder of friendship in your life.

4. Dive into the exploration of science. Though some portray science and faith as bitter enemies, this dynamic duo are actually intimate friends. Science is laced with the wonders of God and can leave us breathless in the wake of its discoveries. Pick up a copy of The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene to find yourself awestruck by string theory. Spend some time studying the inner workings of a beehive to be reminded of the brilliance of God. Research one animal or insect and get to know everything you can—you’ll be awed before you know it.

5. Go deeper in the Scripture with a theologian. Maybe you’ve grown up in church, read the Bible from cover to cover every year for the last decade, or even lead a Bible study. You’re well-versed in the idea that the wonders of God lace the pages of Scripture, but even more waits to be discovered. Pick up the latest offerings from N.T Wright, Craig Blomberg, Darrell Bock and go deeper. New treasures are waiting to be discovered.