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From the Moment We're Born, We Begin Decaying

I’m flying out of Brisbane airport.

Recently I was out on the streets of Ipswich near Brisbane meeting people and sharing the gospel. We went out in pairs, and I was the odd guy on his own.

I’m not a natural, so I was fearfully anticipating Saturday afternoon all week.

I walked around a crowded shopping centre. Naturally there was no one to talk to!

I walked pass two “emo” girls dressed to shock. No way was I going to talk to them.

Five minutes later I found the courage and introduced myself.

Me: “I’m Steve and I’m out talking to people about faith. Do you have something you believe in?”

Them: “Oh you’ve come to preach Jesus at me! Well I don’t want to talk about religion.”

Me: “So why is that?”

Them: “Because I believe that we’re all decaying. From the moment we are born we’re decaying and we’ll die.”

Me: “So there’s nothing after death?”

Them: “I suppose you think I’m going to hell.”

Me: “Why would you say that?”

Them: “Because the Bible says you can’t fornicate and I have. The Bible says you can’t have homosexual sex and I have. So I’m going to hell?”

Me: “Do you believe that?”

Them: “No, because I think Jesus was a fake.”

You get the drift. This was not going as I’d planned. There was more.

Them: “What about Lilith? She was the first woman, not Eve and Lilith is the mother of all vampires.”

Me: “Really? Where did you learn that?”

Them: “Lilith is in the Bible.”

So on it went. I was clearly out of my depth. But somehow God was at work in this conversation.

We talked. Most of the time I asked questions and listened. I shared about Jesus and how we welcomed all kinds of people. After a time I told them how much I appreciate the conversation. Their honesty and their willingness to talk.

Then it happened.

One of the girls smile and shook my hand: “My name’s Cat.”

The other girl shook my hand: “I’m Yasmin.”

As I walked away, my heart stirred with the love of God for these two young women. From the moment we are born we begin dying. She’s right, but there’s so much more he has for her.

I’m in the airport headed home six hours after we talked. The sense of God’s anguish over their lostness stays with me.