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What to Do When Life Spirals Out of Control

My four-pound superpup, Hershey, brings so much joy to my life. Even with his small size, he certainly packs a powerful punch in the ways God uses him in my life.

I think back to a few years ago when Leif and I met him for the first time.

Tiny. Timid. Fearful.

As we gently picked him up to take him home for the first time, fear filled his body. We were taking him from everything he knew and was familiar—and it showed.

No eye contact. Tail between the legs. His tiny body trembling.

The whole drive we tried to offer comfort. We stroked his soft fur. We held him close. We kept repeating: Trust me. You’re going to be okay. Just trust me little Hershey. We’re going to take care of you.  

But he didn’t listen or understand. Like a horse with blinders, he was only focused on the fear around him, not realizing that we had his best intentions in mind and the fullness of life we were offering him.

A God-thought filled my head. You do this, too.

I recognized God’s gentle whisper.

In the midst of change, I, too, fidget in fear. I try to hold tight to anything familiar. Blinded by fear, I am only focused on what could go wrong. I quake in my boots when all along God is whispering to me:

Trust me. I’ve got this all under control. Don’t be afraid my beloved. Don’t worry my child. Just trust.

Like Hershey, I find myself in situations where the ground is taken out from under me. Life begins to spiral out of control. I swing my arms frantically as I find anything to hold on to.

When all along God is whispering, Trust me. I’ve got this.

Not just in the adversity I’m facing, but whatever adversity you’re facing, too.