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The Quality of Your Life Depends on This One Thing

I used to think rest meant taking a nap or getting a few extra hours of sleep. But rest isn’t a purely passive activity. Rest invites us to actively engage with the world around us and #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK by what we experience.

You see, the quality of your life depends on this one thing:

Identify what replenishes you.

Someone once asked me to identify activities that made me feel the most rested and rejuvenated.

I responded with a blank stare.

I had worked for so long and so hard, I forgot what activities brought me joy… the activities that made me feel most alive. I had squeezed the life-giving activities out of my schedule in the name of effectiveness, efficiency, and impact — not realizing these are the very things that make me more effective, more efficient, and able to have a greater impact.

When we carve out time for life-giving activities, we’re more sensitive to the nudges of the Holy Spirit and the grace God wants to pour in and through us. Our pace slows, the fruit of the Spirit — including peace, joy, and patience — blossom in our hearts.

For some, rest and rejuvenation is discovered through physical exercise, others prefer a creative outlet like painting, sculpting, or completing a project on Pinterest. Still others experience rest through spending time at the rifle range, reading an engaging book, working on a car, enjoying a comedy, or cooking a new recipe.

Today, challenge yourself to find one activity that breathes life into your soul. Over the course of the next week, make time to engage in this activity and #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK by your experience.