Discovering Your Dream Job

Between the ages of 18-36 the average American will have 9.3 different jobs. That’s a lot of transitions. Most of the time when we’re in a transition, whether self-imposed or forced upon us, we ask two questions.

1. Who’s hiring

2. How much do they pay?

These might not be bad questions, but they’re not the right first questions in my opinion. I would suggest that before you ask whose hiring and how much do they pay, try looking in, looking around and looking forward.

Look In- In other words take a good look at the way God has wired you. Look at your spiritual gifts, your abilities, your passions, your personality, and your experiences. Realize you’ve been created to reveal something unique about our Creator in what you do and how you do it.

Look Around- What are the people that God has placed in your life telling you about your strengths and weaknesses. A wise person will not spend their life in a defensive mode, but will seek the input of others regarding what they’re good at, what needs improvement, and what is their giftedness.

Look Forward- What are you dreaming about? Bill Hybels once asked “If God could grant you a vocational miracle, what would it look like?” Can you answer that question? What would your dream job look like?

So just for fun…How many different jobs have you had since age 18?