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5 Reasons to Join an Online Bible Study

What do you do about your weekly small group when your schedule gets crazy?

You can’t find a small group that meets on the only night you’re available.

The Bible study at your church doesn’t offer childcare.

You miss too many meetings because of the kid’s practices, concerts, and the never-ending carpool responsibilities.

Or maybe your church doesn’t offer small groups during the summer because of conflicting schedules. Online Bible studies provide an alternative for those with busy schedules who can’t commit to an in-person small group consistently.

1. Participate on your own schedule.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t participate in Bible studies or small groups is the lack of time in their already busy schedule. Online Bible studies provide flexible discussion times, a chance to read and interact with all posts, as well as a guilt-free environment when you get a little behind on reading or homework.

2. Interact with people from around the world.

Instead of studying Scripture with those solely apart of your local church, online Bible studies encourage people from many walks of life to join in on the discussion, offering fresh insights and new friendships.

3. Set your own pace.

Online Bible studies allow you the flexibility to slow down and spread the homework out as you see fit. You can even pause the DVD to answer the phone, switch out the laundry, or head to work without interrupting an entire group.

You can interact, discuss, and re-watch the DVD at any point along the way.

4. Wear your PJs and bedhead to Bible study.

In the comfort of your own home, you can wear your Christmas pajamas (you know, the ones you should have put in storage months ago) while watching the DVDs and interacting with the online discussion.

5. Discuss via Skype with your long distance friends.

Does your best friend, sister, or significant other live a ways away?  Do you want to continue fellowshipping with your college buddies, even while you’re home for the summer? Online Bible studies allow the freedom of inviting friends who live around the block or around the world to join you as you fall in love with God’s Word once again via Skype chats, email conversations, and online discussions.

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