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3 Ways to Regain a Heart for Unbelievers

Spend Time with Unbelievers

Another way to regain concern for unbelievers is to examine our lives and make some necessary adjustments. Ask yourself this question: Am I living life in a bubble? A Christian bubble is any comfortable place that affords shelter from non-Christians.

“But I’m not really comfortable around non-Christians,” one might remark. But God never asks, “Are you comfortable around them?” God asks, “Do you pity them?” Jesus was moved with compassion for the multitudes that followed Him and longed to be their Shepherd and gather them into His fold (Matt. 9:36). If we share that compassion, we must spend time with lost people in hopes of leading them to the Savior. If we are living in a Christian bubble, we don’t have contact with unbelievers. Without contacts, personal evangelism becomes impossible. How do we speak to people we never see?

Once we come to know the Savior, our desires and interests have a way of changing. We find that it’s more enjoyable to be around believers and hear them speak of prayer, Bible study, or a bit of nourishment they have received through Christian radio. It’s fun knowing those who realize there is more to life than a new house and a new car. Even church becomes a place of fellowship with Christians of like mind instead of our spending time with those of a different mind.

List several non-Christians you know and ask yourself, “What can be done now to have the kind of meaningful contact with them that could result in conversations about Christ?” Remember to make the most of every opportunity (Col. 4:5).

Start thinking of non-Christians you know, even though you may have no meaningful contact with them. Then, consider a few at a time and think of ways you can cultivate a meaningful relationship with each one. Be realistic. You don’t have little if any time to give, so forget about taking time out of your schedule. Instead, consider ways to work them into your schedule. A Friday night ball game at a local high school could be just as easily enjoyed with the company of an unbeliever. A non-Christian homemaker might welcome a ride to the mall. Bear in mind that even an hour together now might lead to an afternoon together later—and a superb opportunity to explain the grace of God proven on the cross.

Do you like to play tennis? Play it with a non-Christian. A man who was led to Christ by a friend on the tennis court once said, “The good news is that I was led to Christ; the bad news is my tennis game is messed up.” When asked the obvious question, “Why?” He replied, “The man God used to get me thinking about spiritual things prefers to play tennis with unbelievers, so I’ll have to find a new tennis partner!” The new believer respected his friend for that. He said, “I understand. Frankly, I’d like to see him play tennis with as many non-Christians as possible, so he can have the impact on them that he had on me.”

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Dr. R. Larry Moyer is a veteran evangelist and a frequent speaker in evangelistic outreaches, training seminars, churches and universities around the world. Born with an inherited speech defect, Larry vowed to God as a teenager that if He would allow him to gain control of his speech he would always use his voice to declare the gospel. In 1973, Larry founded EvanTell, where he now serves as President and CEO. He has written several books on evangelism and frequently contributes articles to ministry publications.