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10 Ways to Become a Plastic Church

8. Don’t invite God into the picture.

Instead, create everything out of your wisdom, your resources, your understanding. Christ as head of the church? Forget that, you’re the head, baby! Take it and run with it.

9. Don’t talk to other churches or community organizations.

You are too busy, too important, and have too many of the answers. Everybody should only think about your church and your name, not what God may be doing down the street.

10. Do all the talking.

You do all the talking, all the time. After all, it’s your show, right? Don’t think at all about using other message resources, telling stories through video, letting others cast vision.

People need you; they want you. You. You. You. Plastic.

Do you see these in the church today? What are some other ways to become the next Plastic Church?

Please share in the comments below.

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Chad Missildine is an executive coach, consultant and speaker serving business, government and non-profit leaders. Chad was a leader and pastor at Life.Church for 11+ years, coaching and training hundreds of Life.Church pastors and business leaders at 33+ locations. He served on the Life.Church Central leadership team, helping to shape culture and stewardship as the Central Director of Generosity. Chad also provided coaching and consulting for many churches and non-profits from around the globe. He manages a multi-million dollar real estate company and mentors entrepreneurs. You can connect with Chad at chadmissildine.com.