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10 Ways The Internet Is Changing Outreach and Missions

6. Allocation of Resources

The Internet is allowing donors, foundations, and churches to efficiently assess projects and receive applications for funding across national boundaries.

7. Proclamation

The gospel is being proclaimed on Web sites, in chat rooms, on YouTube, on cell phones, and on numerous Internet-connected devices. Evangelistic crusades are using the Internet both as a decision mechanism and as a follow-up mechanism.

8. Education

Online education has been a huge success and has revitalized Theological Education by Extension (TEE) and distance education.

9. Mobilization

The Internet facilitates making connections and imparting information and motivation necessary for effective mobilization of pastors, evangelists, and missionaries into the global harvest.

10. Multiplication

The Internet brings leverage to networks and enables contacts to be made for the multiplication of house and cell churches, church-planting movements, and small TEE-based Bible colleges resourced via an Internet-based curriculum.

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