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8 Ways Pastors Can Stay Sane, Centered & Married

5. Find a mentor.

The apostle Paul had Gamaliel. Timothy had Paul. Other young men had Timothy. Mentors.

2 Timothy 2:2 (NIV) And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.

Mentoring is discipleship. We need to make disciples. We need to be discipled.

A mentor provides: Perspective; Wisdom;  Encouragement; Admonition.

When it comes to mentors, go big, or go home!

6. Fight for friends.

I do. I have two circles of pastors I circle up wt several times a year to foster relationships and learn from one another. Do you?

We all need Coaching Networks; times when we circle up with peers, etc.

Did you know that churchplanters.com has ongoing coaching networks you can jump in at any time?

7. Get in Shape.

In addition to decreasing pain, endorphin release leads to feelings of euphoria, suppresses the appetite for hours, releases sex hormones, and enhances the immune response. Enough said?

One area of discipline also flows over into another area.

8. Get a life (outside our job or ministry, that is.) 

We’ve got to have interests and hobbies outside our work. Our job can’t be our hobby. When someone responds by saying: “But I love my job. It IS my hobby!” I know we’ve got a problem. Get a life! Learn t rest mentally, not just physically from your work. When you re-engage, you will be even more effective!

That’s it. That’s how I do ministry AND stay sane, centered and married. Which one of the above comes easiest for you?

Which one is the most difficult? I’d love to know….