10 Tips for Using "The Bible" Miniseries in Your Church

The Bible, an epic miniseries by Emmy-winning producer Mark Burnett and his wife, Touched by an Angel’s Roma Downey, could be the biggest discipleship and outreach tool on the screen since The Passion of the Christ, and we don’t want anyone to miss it.

The 10-hour miniseries, retelling Scripture from the story of Noah to the resurrection of Jesus, will air in five segments beginning March 3 through Easter Sunday on the History Channel. 

We’ve put together a list of 10 ideas to help you and your church leverage this unique opportunity. You might not use them all, but we hope the ideas on this list will help point your church—and your community—to the incredible redemption story told throughout Scripture.

1. Get the Word Out.

Make sure your members have all the information they need about The Bible miniseries. Provide pertinent details such as the dates and times when the miniseries will be airing on the History Channel. You can also share the trailer for The Bible miniseries on your church website, social media or even in your Sunday service. View or download the trailer here.

2. Hold Viewing Parties.

Encourage attendees to invite friends, neighbors, relatives, etc., to watch The Bible miniseries together each week in their homes. This approach is a great way to engage friends and neighbors with the epic story of the Bible—and the Gospel—in a friendly and casual environment. Highlight your viewing parties in your community by pinning up fliers in cafés, gas stations, local businesses and restaurants.

3. Form Prayer Groups.

This outreach opportunity won’t come without opposition. Gather your church members to fight the spiritual battle through collective prayer. Ask God to soften hard hearts and build up fully devoted disciples through this unique outreach event.

4. Prepare a Five-Week Preaching Series.

Why not use this national television event to teach and preach alongside the stories that everyone will be talking about? Encourage your members to watch each episode and come prepared to dig deeper during your worship gathering. View the timeline for the miniseries here. 

5. Conduct a Small Group Study.

Engage viewers in meaningful dialogue about the Bible with a miniseries-based, churchwide campaign kit from Outreach, Inc. The Bible 30-Day Church Experience Kit includes a DVD-based study and additional resources to promote it and carry it out. 

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