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Can I Reject Hell and Still Be Saved?

If I become a Christian, do I have to believe in hell?

Where Should Children Worship?

Should children worship with adults or among other children? Both ideas are explored.

Can We Expect Students to Lead Like Adults?

I had a meeting recently where I suggested students lead and it made everyone in the room nervous. Like sweaty palms nervous. What if...

I Worship God by Singing. You Should, Too.

Last week Donald Miller, probably best known as the author of Blue Like Jazz, wrote a blog post called, “I Don’t Worship God by Singing....

Big Church = Big Sadness

How do you share prayer needs for those in desperately sad situations without totally depressing the whole congregation all the time?

Saddleback to Host Gathering on Mental Health and the Church

Pastor Rick Warren and his wife Kay will host a one-day event on March 28 in support of those living with and supporting those with mental illnesses.

When a Group Member Faces Crisis

Your small group can be a huge source of support and strength to a struggling friend.

A Simple Strategy to Rescue the Next Generation (in Light of the Recent School...

In light of the recent school shooting in New Mexico, last month’s school shooting in Colorado and the long string of school shootings which...

How You Answer This Question Will Change Your Life

God’s greatest blessings don’t come by delivering you from your trials, but by strengthening you through your trials.

Grieving Pastor Shoots Himself in Front of His Mother and Son

An Illinois pastor who was grieving the loss of his wife declared he could hear her voice and footsteps, then killed himself in front of his pleading son.

One of the Most Important Questions You’ll Face

The following passage is much loved by followers of Christ. If you are a believer in Jesus, you’ve probably read the following words before....

How to Address Student Bullying

Parents must monitor their students online.

Evangelicals, You Are Wrong About Mental Illness

The Church must not lay even heavier burdens on those suffering from mental illness.

Procedures Sound Dull Until Someone Shows Up at Church With a Gun

I know, I know, you’re in ministry, and this is not what you signed up for. Me either, but hear me out.

4 Tips on How to Handle Social Media With Your Kids

When I was 12, my main concern was if Mary Helen Addison would sit within a 10 foot radius of me at lunch. 2...

What You Can’t Say at Church

When it comes to matters of faith, people crave a real conversation, not just another lecture from a professional Christian.

9 Truths About Lonely Pastors

What can we do for hurting and lonely pastors?

5 Things Your Students Must Know

Small group leaders are essential to effective student ministry.

5 Critical Mistakes That KILL Generosity

Many churches are dying financially and don’t know how to stop it.

Will Prayer and Bible Study Alone Cure Mental Illness?

A large percentage of evangelicals believe mental illness can be overcome by prayer and Bible reading, according to new LifeWay research.

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Gen Z Religion and Atheism: Cute Lessons May Backfire, Stats Show

Gen Z religion is a hot topic, and rightly so. Statistics show a high degree of atheism among kids born from 1999 to 2015. Find out how your children's ministry can address this urgent problem.

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Karen Swallow Prior: How the Church Should Move Forward Now Roe...

Karen Swallow Prior joins us for a breaking episode of the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the American church can move forward well now that Roe has been overturned.