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fake news

Don’t Post That! How Fake News Impacts Generational Discipleship

Despite society’s natural bent to believe that younger generations are more emotionally-driven and less discerning, it is actually the older generations that are most likely to spread fake news such as hoaxes, disinformation, and incomplete news stories over social media.
Generation Alpha

Get to Know Generation Alpha

Presently there are 9,000 Generation Alpha babies born every day.  The oldest are 9 years old and the youngest have yet to be born. They are the first generation entirely born within the 21st century.
Do Intergenerational Ministry)

The Generation Game (and How to Do Intergenerational Ministry)

Just where did the rules of the Generation Game originate? And how do they apply to how we do intergenerational ministry in the church?
Every Generation of Christians

Every Generation of Christians Thinks It Might Be the Last

The fact is, every generation of Christians sees the rise of voices who claim to know that they are the terminal generation; the generation of Christians which will see the return of Christ. No doubt there will be others come along who whip undiscerning Christians into a fury of misguided expectations.
Then Came COVID-19 … And Then Came the Greatest Generation of Disciples

First Came COVID-19 … And Then Came the Greatest Generation of Disciples

How will the church walk them through this trauma to help them become the Greatest Generation of Disciples? Yes, that could be the ultimate positive outcome for this generation or any generation.
My Sermon Notes

My Sermon Notes Inspires Churches to Reach the Next Generation

My Sermon Notes is a discipleship-first app platform to unify your church. Our mission is to help you reach the next generation and connect your church body through technology.
Practical and Simple Tips to Aid Intergenerational Worship

Practical and Simple Tips to Aid Intergenerational Worship

Churches need some practical and simple ways to make it possible for children to be integrated into the service. Here are some practical tips and tools for Intergenerational Worship Services that might be useful for your faith community.
Intergenerational Worship is NOT…

Intergenerational Worship Is NOT…

It seems like whenever the topic of multigenerational or intergenerational worship gets brought up, a lot of concerns and assumptions start being expressed. Here are some thoughts regarding what intergenerational worship is not and what intergenerational worship is.
Mind the Gap: Reuniting Generations in Our Churches

Mind the Gap: Reuniting Generations in Our Churches

Recently there’s been a return to cross-generational and intergenerational communities and contexts with reuniting generations in our generations. This is mostly because of the research being done on the importance of multigenerational community.
Millennial men

Millennial Men: Dispelling the Myth of the Unreachable Generation

The belief that Millennial men are an unreachable generation is a myth. The interests and methods of communication may have changed, but the message hasn’t. God has already given us the solution to bring young men to maturity.
Jason Dorsey

Separating Myth From Truth in the Generations

Jason Dorsey of the Center for Generational Kinetics says the Millennial generation is splitting into two groups: mega-llennials and me-llennials.
self esteem activities for kids

Self Esteem Activities for Kids Who Are Part of Generation Screen

Kids who are part of "Generation Screen" need parents to utilize self esteem activities for kids more than ever.
online ministry

This Is the First Generation With an Online Ministry Megaphone For Truth Plus Love

As an evangelist and the founder of Think Eternity, I find that a solid half of our ministry today is online ministry. So it’s...
lost generation

Communicating Truth to a Lost Generation

“What is truth?” Pilate asked Jesus this critical question, but unfortunately did not wait for an answer. We read that after Pilate asked, he then...
what is liturgy

8 Reasons the Next Generation Craves Ancient Liturgy

What is liturgy, and what about it is so appealing to some young people? The allure of liturgy isn’t just a passing fad or the latest gimmick; it represents a longing for roots that connect us to another reality.

Leading Multigenerational Worship: 9 Best Practices

If you lead worship in a local church, there’s a good chance it is multigenerational worship.

Senior Adults…The Next Generation Needs You

If you are reading this and you are a senior adult, turn and look behind you. The next generation needs you to speak into their lives and invest in them spiritually. They are counting on you to pass them the faith baton.
Meet Generation...Alpha

Meet Generation…Alpha

Generation Alpha, arguably too early to name and too early to designate, are those born beginning in 2010 (the same year Apple debuted the iPad).
It’s Time to Regain First-generation Faith

It’s Time to Regain First Generation Faith

First generation does “whatever it takes.” Second generation does “only what I’m asked to do.”
What Happens When We Break Our Promise to the Next Generation?

What Happens When We Break Our Promise to the Next Generation?

Adults have a far greater lasting influence on our kids than their peers. So what happens when we break our promises to the next generation?

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