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Ravi Zacharias on suicide

Ravi Zacharias Answers: Does Suicide Send You to Hell?

Ravi Zacharias answers a tough question about whether committing suicide sends someone to hell.
depression and anxiety Andrew Stoecklein

This Pastor Committed Suicide. But First He Preached These Sermons on Depression

Pastor Andrew Stoecklein was a pastor with a depression and anxiety problem. Before taking his own life, Stoecklein preached two powerful sermons on the battle he was intimately familiar with.
Teen suicide

Your Faith Could Keep Your Child Safe From Suicide

Kids are less likely to think about suicide or attempt to kill themselves if religion or spirituality is important to their parents, a new study suggests. The study comes as teen suicide rates are soaring.
Why Suicide Doesn't Always Lead To Hell

Why Suicide Doesn’t Always Lead to Hell

Those who say suicide automatically makes people go to hell obviously don’t understand the totality of mental health issues in today’s world, let alone understand the basic theology behind compassion and God’s all-consuming grace.
celebrity suicides

What Does the Bible Tell Us About Suicide?

Two celebrity suicides just days apart have many rethinking wealth and fame as an antidote to despair. Two well-known pastors tell us what the Bible says about hope and despair.
Teen Suicide

Could a Social Media Fast Prevent Teen Suicide?

Can youth pastors lessen teen suicide by encouraging the young people in their groups to fast from social media?
World Suicide Prevention

The World Is Rallying to the Cause of Suicide Prevention—What About the Church?

World Suicide Prevention Day is Sunday, September 10th.
Suicide: Tragic Killer of our Youth (And what you can do about it)

Suicide: Tragic Killer of Our Youth (and What You Can Do About It)

"The numbers are staggering. The stories are devastating. But the battle for the lives of our youth is not hopeless."
Derek Carr

Derek Carr Shares About a Time He Prevented 3 Suicides by Obeying the Holy...

The experience “was amazing,” but left Carr surprisingly tired. “I’ve never felt so exhausted,” he recalls.
Suicide Exit

Suicide Is on the Rise and in the News—Ray Comfort’s ‘Exit’ Seeks to Confront

"Someone you know may be secretly considering their final exit.”
Dear Teenager, Are You Buying the 5 Terrible Lies That Can Lead to Suicide?

Dear Teenager, Are You Buying the 5 Terrible Lies That Can Lead to Suicide?

After 25+ years of working with teenagers I'm convinced that suicidal thoughts among young people are NOT uncommon.
Teen suicide

Number of Teens and Children Admitted to Hospital Due to Suicide Attempts Doubled in...

New research indicates the rates of children discharged from the hospital with a diagnosis of suicidality or serious self-harm rose from 0.67 percent in 2008 to 1.79 percent in 2015.

Mandisa Shares Battle With Suicide on GMA: ‘God saved my life quite literally’

After a three-year battle with depression, Mandisa is back with a new album and new insight into the saving mercy of Christ.
Hope for Families Touched by Suicide

Hope for Families Touched by Suicide

The good news is that in salvation, Christ not only forgives our sin, but He gives us His righteousness! It is Christ’s righteousness that makes us pleasing to God—without which we cannot enter heaven.

John MacArthur: Transgenderism is a Form of Suicide and an Assault on God

“Simply stated, there is no such thing as transgender. You’re either XX or XY. That’s it."
the purpose driven life

God Used Rick Warren’s ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ to Rescue Michael Phelps From Suicide

The book, 'The Purpose Driven Life,' had a significant impact on swimmer Michael Phelps. After winning eight gold medals in Beijing, Phelps says he “despised the image of perfection his success had created."
suicide facts

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Suicide

"Every day an average of 600 people are intimately affected by the suicide of a loved one."

Hope for Families Touched by Suicide

"The fact of the matter is that if a person is IN CHRIST, his salvation is not dependent upon continuing to confess each sin after his conversion."

Why Is Suicide a Sin?

Understanding the intrinsic value of human beings.

We Are Not Our Own: On God, Brittany Maynard and Physician-Assisted Suicide

How should we think about our rights with regard to death?

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