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How to Get Speaking Engagements at Churches

6. Carry yourself with the dignity of the event.  

Make sure your tweets and posts uphold the dignity of the speaking engagements you desire. Tweeting minute-by-minute commentary of television’s The Walking Dead isn’t going to land you on the Moody Conference stage. Slamming another pastor on Facebook will exempt you from Catalyst. Instagramming photos of your dinner at Applebee’s is OK. =)

7. Be a friend to the organization.  

Retweet their posts. Exchange some fun banter on their blog. Send an encouraging note to the organizer. Share a copy of your book through another friend. Don’t ask to speak—let them ask you. But without selling yourself, be someone who is a friend to the organization. How to get speaking engagements at churches? It helps organizers to know you think well of them before they invite you.

8. Determine what will undermine your speaking career.  

Decide whether you’ll speak at break-outs. How much you’ll accept for a speaking fee. Minimum crowd size. If you let other people determine these factors, your value will rest in their hands. Make a list of the factors that must be in place for you to accept an engagement, because everything communicates.


Editor’s Note: if you want to learn how to keep on getting speaking engagements at churches, see ChurchLeader’s article on The 7 Deadly Sins of Guest Speakers.