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Pastors: 4 Reasons Not to Homeschool Your Kids

Mistake #4. We REALLY have our act together.

All of us feel the pressure to appear super spiritual. This may be a message that you are communicating without even knowing it.

Sometimes, we overachieve because of how truly underachieving we feel.

But when we drive ourselves to put forth the image of a super spiritual, ultra organized, impeccably cultured and well mannered family unit who got that way with ease and style … we are being dishonest with ourselves and the world.

Life is messy. Some days are really hard to get through with a smile. We are a better witness for Christ when we are transparent enough to let people see that we aren’t perfect all the time. We need Jesus to give us joy, not just on hard days, but every day. We need Jesus to redeem us from our laziness and tendency not to do our best all the time. We need Jesus to help us shake off the “old man” and learn to be renewed in his light and grace every day, just like everyone else.

An authentic life that is built on confidence in Christ is much more compelling than an appearance of excellence that thinly veils deep insecurity. The gospel is the message of a perfect Savior redeeming imperfect people. That message should be on display as we live out home education.

The bottom line is that Christians have long been known in our culture more for what we are against than what we are for. This is a trend that must change if we hope to build a compelling case that Jesus is a loving Savior to a broken world, rather than its harsh judge.

Homeschool education is a wonderful option for families, including those of pastors. We must be able to build a positive case for homeschool education without alienating ourselves from those who do not have, or can not make, the same choice.

What do you think? Are there other reasons not to homeschool?