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Should Pastors Tithe? Here’s Why Pastors MUST Tithe

6. Your church leaders (and their spouses and their friends and possibly their Facebook friends) know whether or not their pastor tithes.

(Don’t fool yourself on this one.)

7. The Old Testament teaches the tithe.

And the New Testament only adds that we be in a good mood about it on one hand and don’t employ the practice to excuse ourselves from Christian character and compassion on the other. The tithe is still in play.

8. A tithing pastor has the moral authority to lead in the area of discipleship in powerful ways.

9. How can we expect God to bless our churches and ministries if we choose not to be generous givers?

Should pastors tithe? Give God something to bless. I know of very few pastors who have been blessed with growing and significant ministries who do not tithe (actually, I don’t know of any, but I was trying to be nice). And they started tithing long before they became “successful.”

10. God promises to bless the tithe and the tither.

As we have been faithful to give, God has always given us more to give, and as I have given, God has always brought in givers beside me. I am not seeing a down side here.

I still write tithe checks to Christ Church every week. I suppose I could give online, through a kiosk or automatically, but I really like the feeling I have just writing that old-fashioned check. It reminds me of how much God has blessed us since we wrote that first six-dollar check over 30 years ago.