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Rest and Rhythms: A 40-Day Experiment That Changed My Life

Weekly Rhythms Will Never Be Enough

It’s not until the next deep spiritual breath that we are reoriented, and for many of us that comes just a few times a week.

Weekly rhythms, on their own, do not work. They will not, they cannot, keep us tethered and growing in Christ minute by minute and hour by hour. We need more.

Sadly, most church communities are trained to focus all of our energies on a person’s Sunday experience, never seeing it as our essential discipleship responsibility to train everyone in our community in daily rhythms and habits.

But life is lived in moments, minutes, hours, and days, and if we’re not in training to self-feed at the table of friendship with Christ, then we are…failing at discipleship.

A 40-Day Experiment That Changed My Life

One day, my wife said, “What if you tried the 40-day daily office?” I’d read Peter Scazerro’s work, along with hundreds of other spiritual formation books.

I’ve taught university courses on Spiritual Formation, for goodness sake, and have trained hundreds of friends in daily prayer exercises. But moves, trauma, new jobs, and transitions with children had thrown me off.

The best tool in my tool belt, How Is Your Soul? was anchoring me through the Daily Examen and weekly touchpoint. Now I just needed a supplement to bring it home.

Major changes throw us all off; but we must reorient and regain our rhythms in different seasons of our lives.

What if, for 40 days, I tried another way? What if, at 50, I needed a new pattern? What if that pattern would change the next 40 years of my life?

I’m here to tell you that I did try another way, and I’m a different person than the harried soul I was.

How I Did It

Let me say first that I have a quieter spirit again by doing the following, and though I’m still treading water like a duck under the surface with my work and commitments, I sense the closeness of Christ and a joy in reorienting to him multiple times a day.