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Why Leaning Into the Beauty and Power of the Church, at Its Best, Matters

However, all the more important is to provide intentional times for quiet, moments for reflection, and a spirit of peace in an otherwise hectic world.

One of the best examples is quiet reflection and prayer. A few minutes of reflection or prayer during a worship service or longer times created in other environments allow a life-changing way to experience the peace of God and the quietening of our souls in a fast-paced culture.

Reflection / Action:  What times of reflection, quiet, and prayer do you set aside for yourself each week? How are these offered and encouraged to your congregation?

5. The Power That Activates the Miraculous Is Still Available Today.

What miracle are you asking of God right now?

Miracles can be large or small, but they involve something only possible with God.

Anticipating miracles from God grows your faith and the faith of those you serve. The hope of a miracle piques the interest of those who do not believe, and experiencing miracles increases the spiritual momentum of your church.

The supernatural is a realm often misunderstood, but it’s the realm of God. Therefore, we must lean in, learn, and allow God to do all He desires to see His purposes unfold.

We are invited to ask for miracles in our own lives, but we can also pray that God would unleash the miracles He already has in mind!

This is an incredibly powerful gift the Church has to offer through God’s kindness and grace.

Reflection / Action:  Are you telling stories of the miraculous in your church? Remember, miracles can be large or small. How are you supportive of this process?

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.