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5 Reasons Leaders Stumble and Fall

4. When a Spiritually Dry Season Continues to a “Didn’t See It Coming” Progression Down a Dead-End Street.

A spiritually dry season is common and expected. The problem begins if you get stuck there — but there is a way out.

The whole sequence looks like this.

  • Dry spiritually – a short season where you don’t seem to be hearing from God
  • Drift from God – you don’t feel as close or the intimacy with God you once did
  • Discouragement sets in – dryness and drift cause discouragement, and you wonder what’s wrong?
  • Distance from God – danger zone here; you are living and leading apart from God
  • Disobedience – The dead end of the road is when you say no, to God.

Catch it early.

Here’s the way out:

First, don’t beat yourself up or give up for feeling spiritually dry. Keep going.

Second, introduce something new, positive, and healthy to your routine. For example, make a change to your devotional life that creates something new, fresh, and life-giving.

Third, talk to someone, a trusted friend or spiritual advisor. Do not try to navigate a spiritually dry season alone for more than a few weeks.

5. When Passion for the Mission Turns to Unhealthy Ambition.

The hunger for more is a slippery slope.

It starts out good; to reach more people, see more baptisms, help more people break free from addiction, etc. But it can turn into a hunger for more authority, greater position, and more recognition.

Don’t be quick to judge anyone; it can happen to any of us.

Leadership gifting and drive is a good thing and necessary, as long as it doesn’t become unbridled and unhinged from biblical calling and accountability.

The warning sign is when “it’s never enough.”

No matter what you have, how big the church is, or how far the reach of your influence, it’s just not enough.” If you wrestle with that, I urge you to talk with a trusted advisor soon.

For all of us, a great practice that helps to keep us grounded is to:

Reflect on the price paid for your salvation, remember your calling, and recall your humble beginnings and the blessing of God’s grace that we get to do what we do!

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.