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How to Pledge Our Allegiances on July 4

Rather than blaming such things on cultural pressure or even public Christian voices, we believe the problem is inside the American Church itself. Indeed, it is a problem of discipleship. We’ve forgotten Jesus’ clear instruction that no one can serve two masters (Mt 6:24). We’ve also neglected the highest calling of dual-citizenship as Christians—that our citizenship in the Kingdom of heaven (Phil 3:20) always outranks our earthly citizenship because only Christ’s Kingdom “will never end” (Lk 1:33). 

As religious people, loyalty to the United States by no means requires elevating the Constitution to a divinely inspired document. In fact, our evangelical convictions about the authority of the Bible require us as Christians to obey, interpret, and challenge laws—and even the founding documents of a nation—in light of the eternal truths of the Bible. 

As modern-day disciples of Jesus Christ, we must be united in our orthodox confession that the Bible is God’s only divinely-inspired, written Word. Otherwise, we will be guilty, as C.S. Lewis wrote, of adding “‘thus said the Lord’ to merely human utterances . . . pretending that God has spoken when He has not spoken.”