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Moving Forward – 5 Indicators of a Strong and Spiritually Healthy Church

5 Indicators of a Strong and Spiritually Healthy Church

1. A Sense of How to Move Forward in a Culture That Resists Singular Truth.

Cancel culture is a real thing, but we can’t become paralyzed by it. Instead, we must continue to lead forward.

It is true that it’s difficult to lead without saying the wrong thing, or saying it the wrong way, or saying it right but not enough, but this is not likely to go away soon.

Don’t let that neutralize your leadership.

Now more than ever, it’s important to know where you are going and have a deep conviction that allows you to be bold and courageous yet still loving and kind.

When your vision is clear, your focus is strategic, and your conviction is deep, you can move forward even in a culture that prefers to construct its own individual truth.

This bold conviction does not mean without grace, kindness, love, and treating all persons with respect. In fact, it requires more, plus a good measure of patience.

Churches that focus their primary message to be about Jesus in a way that meets people’s deepest needs will make far more progress in the long run than those who get caught up in so many distractions.

2. A Clear Definition of the Role of the Church.

It seems like current culture may be, even unintentionally, redefining the church, what it stands for, its purpose, and its level of importance.

Cultural awareness and sensitivity to real problems is essential. The church (the body of Christ) was designed to be out in the community, involved in people’s lives, and making a difference in our schools, local businesses, and neighborhoods.

But the central purpose of the church has not changed. It is to make disciples of Jesus. That’s it.

  • Are you clear about your vision?
  • Do you know why you exist?
  • Do you possess conviction about your values?

Cultural relevance is important but don’t burn all your energy and exhaust yourself with so many distractions, stay focused on your purpose.

(My heartfelt prayer is that you feel the freedom and spiritual authority to stay focused on your purpose.)