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Hippies Find Answer To Search for Love and Peace

Manderson adds, “I think for people like Greg [Laurie], who was hurting so much from missing his dad and seeing his mom wrecking her life, that was a time for him of being hungry for love and searching for peace and security. The movie really beautifully demonstrates why he was tempted and why he started using drugs.”

She said that hippies were in a quest for God without knowing what or who they were searching for.

“They just said it was a quest for satisfaction. They wanted ‘peace and love.’ That was a big motto (and mantra) of theirs.” Manderson said that she went to college and lived at home with her parents until she married. She said she didn’t “have to go away to find” what the hippies were looking for. “I already had peace in my heart, being with the Lord since I was a little girl. I was blessed to grow up in the faith.”

During the movement, when the church that her dad led (Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa) “suddenly just got huge,” she said her father “knew that God gave him 17 years of failure so that when the amazing growth came, when God moved in a mighty way, that he would never take credit.

“He (her dad, Pastor Chuck) knew that it was not anything he had done. It was completely a work of God. He didn’t like it when people gave him credit. It wasn’t money either. He shared that it was a work of God and it wasn’t man’s work.”

When asked about the current Asbury revival and other outpourings across the country of repentance, prayer, and worship, Manderson said, “When I see the photos or videos of what’s happening in Asbury, it reminds me of the way it felt like at Calvary Chapel. The church was filled with young people, and they were on fire for the Lord. They were so excited that their question was answered.”

They were satisfied in the peace and love they found in Jesus Christ.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.