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Spells are Spells — The Occult in Popular Media

And that is what separates such fantasy works from the Witches of Mayfair or The Craft. Other productions using actual occult consultants include Charmed, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even the military legal procedural JAG. Greene notes that, more recently, this has also included the show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and movies such as The Last Keepers and Practical Magic.

Witch and astrologer Aerin Fogel, an on-set adviser for The Craft: Legacy, told RNS that beyond authenticity, consultants are there to provide safety. “Magic is functional whether or not the people practicing it are using it functionally.”

In other words, a spell is a spell, whether it’s performed for the screen or in a magic circle. When offered, they are experienced and can be replicated.

The consultant for Mayfair Witches is using a bit of magic himself. During the show’s airing, he burned a series of candles to help its success, hoping to “conjure up a second season.”

Here’s hoping that Christians, at least, have enough sense to blow those candles out.

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