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6 Things ‘Experienced’ Leaders Must Do To Remain Relevant

Since making the change, LaVine has increased his shooting percentage near the basket from 59% to 69%. Now that his athleticism has returned, LaVine has an expanded and improved skill set. He finished the season averaging 24.8 points per game along with the second-highest shooting percentage in his career. LaVine concluded, “Now that I’m able to have everything, I’ve got a little extra tool in my arsenal.”

To get a sense of his exploits this season, check out the video below. Afterwards, I will share six things we learn from LaVine’s comments about how experienced leaders can remain relevant.

6 Things “Experienced” Leaders Must Do To Remain Relevant

The following are six things experienced leaders must do to remain relevant we learn from Zach LaVine:

1. To Remain Relevant, ‘Experienced’ Leaders Must Have Self-Awareness

This is difficult for most experienced leaders. There comes a time when they must admit they cannot do the things they once did. Even if they can, it does not come as easily.  Coming off an injury, LaVine knew he did not have the athleticism he once did. Changes were needed.

2. To Remain Relevant, ‘Experienced’ Leaders Should Listen To The Data

I mentioned earlier that LaVine’s early-season shooting percentage near the basket was 59%. This was the second worst of his career. As a leader, if your productivity is measurable and you notice declines in your performance, it is time to make adjustments.

3. To Remain Relevant, ‘Experienced’ Leaders Should Add To Their Game And Develop New Skills

I can relate to this. Experienced leaders should always be reading books, listening to podcasts, going to conferences, and doing whatever is necessary to learn new skills. LaVine developed a new shot and added it to his game. What is something new you are adding to your skill set?

4. To Remain Relevant, ‘Experienced’ Leaders Should Learn From Others What Is Currently Working

LaVine watched Kyrie Irving to learn what he was doing and began experimenting with new things to incorporate into his game. Who are you learning from? Make sure it is someone who is successful and a picture of the desired destination you wish to arrive.

5. To Remain Relevant, ‘Experienced’ Leaders Should Get Help From The People Around Them

LaVine said, “A couple of my trainers, Drew Hanlen was helping me out with ball fakes and pump fakes in the paint. Jordan Lawley, one of the other guys I work with was helping me with ball fakes and euro steps.” LaVine had Drew Hanlen and Jordan Lawley. Who do you have around you?

The hard truth is that if the people around you are not helping you get better, you have the wrong people around you.

6. To Remain Relevant, ‘Experienced’ Leaders Should Blend Many Good Ideas Into A Single Great Idea

Think about what LaVine did. He said, “I kinda added all three of those things together and made a move.” He took ball fakes, pump fakes, and euro steps and combined them into a single move.

To remain relevant, you need to have a number of good things in your life and then blend them into a great thing. For instance, I took my individual loves of leadership, reading, writing, and investing in others and blended them into this website. This website then grew to four books, a coaching course with a second on the way, and a public speaking career.

What are some things you enjoy doing as an experienced leader? Take these individual things and blend them together. You just might make something new which would keep you relevant and successful.


Being an experienced leader is a fork in the road. You will either head towards excellence or extinction. Implement the six items listed above and watch your influence continue to grow in the future.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.