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7 Unique Traits of Spiritual Leaders

If our heart and mind have not pre-decided to submit to God’s will before He asks, the likelihood of a yes is greatly diminished.

2. They Establish Their Values Directly From Scripture.

As our values are consistently challenged, our resilience to stand firm can get worn down. As spiritual leaders we don’t like to admit that, but it’s true.

After enough time and pressure, its not uncommon to experience a softening in our resolve as culture muddies perspective. We shouldn’t make excuses or blame culture, but we can be honest about the effect.

It is Scripture that keeps our true north clear, strengthens our resolve, and helps us establish our true values.

As spiritual leaders, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to consistently live one set of values and lead from another. Our lives must maintain the integrity of values worth living and the same values worth leading.

3. They Consistently Seek Guidance From the Holy Spirit.

We can ask and receive wise counsel from trusted advisors, and we should, but nothing replaces the voice and value of the Holy Spirit.

Similar to seeking and submitting to the Will of God, spiritual leaders listen for and follow the prompts of the Holy Spirit. They are often subtle, but when we are in tune they are very clear.

In addition to our prayer life, we can pause throughout the day to ask and listen. For example, during a meeting, while you are writing a talk, or working on solving a problem, the Holy Spirit’s wisdom is available.

Don’t let the hustle of your daily pressures rob you of Heaven’s wisdom. Slow down and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

4. They Make Decisions Based on Biblical Principles.

I’ve made decisions based on pressure, time limitations, financial burdens and personal preference. Yes, a good bit of this is natural. But that’s the point. We have a supernatural option, a source to guide our leadership and decision-making.

Not every decision we need to make has direct biblical guidance, but there is always a guiding principle to help set the direction and tone for our decisions.

We can’t prevent making occasional mistakes in our decision making, but we can avoid displeasing God by always acknowledging His Word as our guide to life principles.

Can you think of a recent and significant decision where your knowledge of Scripture and God’s heart influenced your decision?

5. They Experience Personal Communion With a Resurrected Savior.

It’s kind of mind-blowing to know that we can talk with God Himself—that we can live in communion with a resurrected Savior!

There is great joy in the simplicity, freedom and grace of a personal relationship with Jesus. Yet, it also comes with clear guidance for the life He wants us to live. Spiritual leadership has clear standards to be followed.

Our consistent communion with God is a great gift for us to enjoy and the conduit from which we lead from the overflow. Without Him (vine and branches) we have little to offer different than the world.

Are you happy with your prayer life? What might you change?

6. They Have the Hope of Eternal Life and Lead With That Perspective.

Spiritual leaders with a Christian worldview have the hope of eternal life and lead with that perspective in mind.

Over the course of forty years in church leadership I have often led in shortsighted ways, but wise spiritual leaders lead with the long-view in mind. That is, how does our spiritual leadership fit within the values of eternity, rather than merely the pressures of the day?