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Evidence of the Holy Spirit at Work Through Your Leadership

4 Clear Outcomes of the Holy Spirit in Your Leadership

1. Power and Authority That Brings Life Change

Intellectually we know that without God’s power our ministry will not amount to much, at least not at an eternal level. Yet, under pressure to make something happen, or the crunch of a calendar, we often run on our own power thinking experience will cover us.

How well does that work for you? It doesn’t for me.

God has given you gifts, talent and influence, but He alone has the power to change a life with eternity in mind.

There is a realm of spiritual authority that resides in Heaven, we have access to this authority through the gift of the Holy Spirit. It’s not our authority, but we are empowered to use it in alignment with the purpose of God.

This power, this authority, in the name of Jesus results in changed lives far beyond our ability.

We know what it’s like to have results that are clearly less than our efforts. The Holy Spirit brings the opposite, results far beyond our ability and efforts. It is absolutely supernatural.

2. Encouragement and Peace To Steady Your Soul

Anxiousness and anxiety are commonplace today and leaders are not exempt. Peace can elude us. Our souls seek a steady strength to calm the restlessness within.

I think this is largely due to the obvious uncertainties, division and problems that surround us. When this is combined with normal fears and insecurities, we are left in an anxious state. A low-grade anxiousness, but nonetheless real.

You may be reading this quickly, maybe just scanning. I totally understand. But take thirty seconds to slow down and absorb the next three sentences.

The Holy Spirit is your advocate, comforter, helper, counselor and the One who strengthens you. This is of great encouragement at a soul level, lowering stress and anxiousness. This is yours for the asking, receive it.

In order to consistently communicate that the Church is the hope of the world with Jesus at its center, we must receive the encouragement of the Holy Spirit to keep our hopes equal to the truth of the Gospel.

3. Boldness and Courage To Speak Truth and Lead With Zeal

Do you have a big and bold personality? Candidly, most leaders don’t, but that’s not a deficit when we understand and embrace the boldness and courage the Holy Spirit gives us.