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4 Reasons Fitness Matters for Your Ministry

I’m convinced the Tempter does the same thing with pastors, youth pastors, and worship leaders. He knows that when we’re at our weakest physically, we’re most likely to let our guards down spiritually. Obviously, working out doesn’t give you an automatic victory over Satan’s temptation, but it does give you an advantage over your squishier compadres.

4. Getting in Shape Strengthens You for the Mission.

Jesus said:

Go and make disciples of all nations... (Matthew 28:19)

We need to be energized to Gospelize. Yes, most of this energy is spiritual (Colossians 1:29). But some of it is physical.

Jesus was strong enough to endure the most painful torture imaginable. Peter was healthy enough to swim a hundred yards to shore without falling over dead (John 21:7-8). Paul was fit enough to survive beatings, shipwrecks, a stoning, and much, much more (2 Corinthians 11:23-28).

These men were healthy enough to accomplish the mission God gave them. Are you healthy enough to accomplish the mission He’s given you? If you want to build a Gospel Advancing, disciple-multiplying ministry, you can multiply your effectiveness by getting physically fit enough to advance the Gospel for hours at a time and sustain the energy it takes to multiply disciples over the long haul.

How can you get in shape? Start by identifying a few unhealthy foods and drinks you can limit—and good ones you can swap in. Then schedule workouts in your calendar and guard that time. Try walking, and consider gradually progressing to running. Join a local gym. Download a good fitness app. Try one of those workout DVDs. Whatever you choose to do, do something. Do anything.

Start now! Either that or get used to them fat naps.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.