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What if I’m Not Ready To Be Healed?

I love that Jesus pays absolutely no attention whatsoever to the myth the locals keep telling. And he also ignores the man’s excuses and self-pity. Instead, he gives him a simple challenge…

“Stand up, take your mat and walk.”

Imagine, for a second, that standing up was a life-sized challenge for you for almost four decades of life. Along comes a man who seems to refuse to recognize your plight. This Jewish Rabbi comes across as pretty insensitive at this moment.

I think we’d be apt to be offended…But, on the other hand…

Jesus offers a glimmer of hope.

And hope is the ONE thing that tends to woo us away from our places of brokenness and bitterness.

As the story goes, the man obeyed. He stood up. He walked away completely healed and forever changed by his encounter with Jesus.

Healing, whether I want to admit it or not, is all for the asking. It’s in plentiful supply for those who are willing to hope just enough to let go.

Think about it. Prayer is at our disposal. And whether you believe prayer has actual, divine, supernatural power or simply that it points our minds in a more positive and hopeful direction, prayer is a helpful tool.

People are available, too. We often hide from those who would most like to help us, but they’re out there.

The world is also wealthy with knowledge about human nature, how the mind works, and how we move through grief and trauma.

Healing is out there.

It may be that healing and hope are completely within grasp for you, and have been so for years, but you’re still stalling at the question…

Do you want to be well?

What’s the cost?

The cost of healing is letting go of some of the things most precious to us.

Our pain.

Our pride.

Our ego.

Our protective wall of fear.

Our resentment, which serves as a nice imaginary weapon of revenge.

Whether it’s saying a prayer, calling a friend, reaching out to a counselor or therapist… standing up and walking is the easy part.

It’s the decision to actually do so that feels impossible.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.