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7 Priorities To Navigate the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ of Career Ministry

Keeping your identity in Christ as the priority helps you remember that family and faith are first, and they serve as fuel for your work.

2. Embrace the Balance of Leadership and Followership.

A great way to think about followership as a Christian leader starts here: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23).

  • A disciple is a learner. Leaders are first disciples, and we learn from Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and others who teach us and impart wisdom. A good leader embraces the disposition to submit, learn, change and grow.
  • A disciple is a follower. We follow Jesus. If we struggle to follow our earthly leaders, it is likely that we struggle to follow God as well.

Going the distance in ministry, while remaining both emotionally healthy and strategically productive, requires a willingness to follow and the courage to lead.

3. Give Yourself Permission To Tell the Truth.

Not every day is a perfect day in ministry, but don’t listen to the lies. The enemy’s #1 tactic to take you out is discouragement. There is purpose and beauty even in the difficult days.

Be honest with yourself about those days (or seasons), and be sure to talk about it with a trusted friend, mentor or counselor. Don’t let it build up. You have to much value to contribute to waste it by bottling up and storing the enemy’s attacks.

No one expects you to be a perfect or superhuman leader. If they do, don’t fall prey to that expectation. Work hard, do your best, and love people, but take care of yourself.

Candidly we often place those unrealistic expectations on ourselves. Trust God to do what you can’t do.

4. Find Your Way to the Best Environment Over the Perfect Job.

A frequent conversation with young leaders is how to land their perfect job. It’s a legit question. We all want to be in a role that fits our gifting and ability, but your dream job is not the first priority.

It is wise to find a healthy environment to serve in over seeking the perfect job. Your dream job in an unhealthy environment is often a “beast” of a nightmare over the long-haul.

It’s like a professional baseball player who is a good pitcher, and wants to pitch, but lands a job in a terrible organization. It’s not worth it, is it? It’s better to play another position and in time hope to pitch in a great organization. You are still in the game and it’s so much more enjoyable.

The next question is, can’t we have both? Yes, that’s the dream and prayer. But I’ve found that taking the right job (not the dream job) at the right time in a healthy and productive environment leads to (or becomes) your perfect job.

5. Obsess Over Hearing God’s Voice.

When you give your life to serving others, it’s possible to over give. Jesus didn’t say yes to everyone. Listen to God’s voice, he will give you guidance.

“Obsess” might not be the right word, but I can’t think of a better one to express the passion and importance of seeking after and hearing God’s voice.

Hearing God’s voice ought to be the first bullet in all our job descriptions.

In everything from vision casting to decision-making to resolving conflict, nothing is more important than hearing from God!

As a spiritual leader in the church, your walk with God is above all else. Set time aside for prayer and lean in to hear his voice.

What is the last thing you heard God say to you?