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What You Need to Get Hired for Speaking Opportunities

4) Your preferred headshots:

If you have professional headshots, I suggest you send 2-3 options because sometimes planners need a little flexibility for cropping, resizing, and adapting to the website or program. Remember, if you don’t supply great shots, they might pull something they find online, and that could be embarrassing!

5) A short, well-written introduction:

I’ve actually had event MC’s print out my full-length biography from my website at philcooke.com and then read that. As you can imagine, listening to someone read a speaker’s long bio is agonizing! You can’t always depend on a conference host or MC to write a good introduction for you, so don’t take chances. I had so many bad experiences that I just started writing my own introduction and sending it to the event hosts. Most of them are very grateful.

6) Your online and social media links:

Conferences often publish your social media and website links in the program or put them on the video screen while you speak. This is a great way to grow your following, so never forget to supply that information.

Once you’ve created all of this information, put it into a Dropbox folder so you can easily send the conference or event planner a link. And don’t wait until you get asked to speak! It may take a while to pull all of this together, so do it now, and you’ll always be ready.

Remember – the easier you make it for the people who can hire you for speaking opportunities, the better your chances of getting selected!



This article on preparing for speaking opportunities originally appeared here, and is used by permission.