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6 Leadership Mistakes I’ve Made

  1. Not getting the entire story before confronting someone about an “issue” that had been brought to my attention! A leader who always believes the worst about the people he leads needs to do a serious gut-check!
  2. Letting emotion get the best of me and shutting down a discussion when I should actively listen. A leader is way more likely to get buy-in if the people he leads actually feel like he listens to them…REALLY listens to them.
  3. Choosing “the obvious” rather than listening to The Holy Spirit.
  4. Not allowing the people (or department) that would be most impacted by a particular decision to actually have input on that decision.
  5. Assuming that everyone on our staff (and in our church) will immediately receive a decision in the first presentation when it took our leadership team months to process it. People need time to process and ask questions…and while some leaders label this “disloyal” I actually see it as staff trying to be MORE loyal by fully understanding and appreciating everything that goes along with a particular decision.
  6. Not pressing down on a person when I know they disagree with a decision. Some people need to be forced into conflict…and a leader always loses when he sees that a person disagrees with him, but the leader won’t pull it out of them, because he really just wants to keep the peace.