Work the System

I’m a huge believer in organizational systems and processes as long as they play servant to calling, heart, vision and mission. With them, things get done and organizations move forward.

Without them, you simply can’t be effective or efficient.

The problem kicks in when we flip things around and make it all about our systems. The minute they dominate your ministry, you risk forfeiting what truly matters—transformed lives.

Here are a few thoughts to help you stay balanced.

  1. Make sure your systems and processes are thoughtful and streamlined.
  2. Continually assess and refine them to ensure their effectiveness.
  3. Develop and use systems as pawns not kings. Systems should serve you, not the other way around. They should enable ministry effectiveness and serve ministry objectives. Systems are simply a means to an end. Changed lives and Kingdom impact—that’s the stuff that really matters. Ask the hard question: Is this system or process facilitating life change?
  4. If your systems are frustrating people, slow down and ask why.
  5. Invite feedback and input into your system (this should be part of your system).
  6. Once you’ve been given feedback to your systems, incorporate the recommendations that make sense and do something with what you’ve learned.
  7. Most importantly: Work the system. A system that’s not worked simply will not work.

Do you value systems and processes? Tolerate them? Hate them? Please post your thoughts.   

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Kerry  Bural
Kerry can often be found sketching concepts on napkins or note cards as he tries to dial in his thoughts and share them. His 25+ years in ministry and business have been devoted to brand development. He’s passionate about helping organizations translate their vision and mission into communication that resonates with their constituents through branding, strategic thinking, marketing, public relations and visual presentation. Kerry, and his wife, Deborah, reside in Tennessee with their three beautiful children.