Release Your Creatives

The term “creatives” has become a common tag for individuals who think outside the box and deliver imaginative results. They are the ones who can’t sit still in meetings and who view every napkin as a canvas for their thoughts and ideas. The web is often the platform where creatives flourish and they tend to be the unsung heroes of a site’s visual experience.

Churches have begun to identify their value and it is a safe bet that your church or ministry has at least one of these creatives on staff. The odd fact is that many entities don’t know how to handle their creative team.

A while back, Kayla Barrett wrote about the negative results that can stem from micromanagement in her post, “God is Not a Micromanager.” This is a common error in the management of creatives. I will go out on a limb and say that if you were to gather every employed creative and ask them what is most aggravating in their workplace, micromanagement is bound to be a common theme.

So what is the answer? True creatives don’t need guidance to be creative.

There are elements of a project that will require art or strategic direction but a creative individual who is truly gifted can take a well-explained idea and create a visual representation that pulls you in.

“If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.” ~ John Cleese

So, engage your creative team by stepping back.

Then watch what happens.  

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Chris Boyd
Chris Boyd is the web strategist for Kerry Bural at The Resonate Group. Having held several different jobs over the last decade, Chris is ecstatic to finally be able to plug in to a group that works with churches and ministries to grow the Kingdom on a daily basis. He is also a husband and new father, expecting his second baby in August!