Don't Close the Back Door

No matter where you go, it seems like everyone nowadays is afraid of people leaving their church. Some more than others.

Instead of concentrating all of our efforts on closing the back door in our churches … maybe we should focus on opening the front.

When we refrain from teaching our members how and when to (properly) leave, we often endanger them (and our churches) of becoming lakes. Instead of rivers.

I Ran a Wikipedia search the other day on the difference between a lake and a river. Here’s what I found:

A river is a body of water that runs continuously.
A lake (on the other hand) is a body of water that lies still.

A river (I also discovered) is where water is spent.
While a lake is where water is stored.

And lastly, a river (for the most part) is naturally composed.
But a lake is (more often than not) typically man-made.

Here’s a question to consider: Do we want our churches to be known as naturally composed or man-made?

*Sidenote: Do you know what a lake can become if enough sediment builds up inside of it?

A swamp.

An excerpt of 83 Things I Wish The Black Church Would Stop Doing by Milan Ford.

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Milan Ford
Milan Ford has been a leader and a survivor of ministry within the local church for most of his life. A lover of Red Vines Licorice and all things pointing North, Milan is the author of 83 Things I Wish The Black Church Would Stop Doing, and is now currently preparing to release his second book, I Still Love Those Fries, the fall of 2011. Milan and his wife Imani are the proud parents of three children: Kayla, Aliyah, and Ethan.