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New Church Staff Positions by 2020?

In an article in Church Executive magazine, Sam Rainer postulated that churches will develop new staff positions in the coming decade to meet the demands of extending church vision and streamlining programs. For example, says Rainer, the popularity of multi-site services will require churches to consider hiring a network administrator “to coordinate clarity of communication, movement of people, alignment of programs and focus of vision across multiple campuses.” He also suggests that children’s ministry directors will need to be specifically diversity-trained to meet the needs of our increasingly heterogeneous society. Rainer mentioned an executive-level position like a “chief of staff” might be needed as a “confidant, gatekeeper, and strategic consultant” to the senior pastor, helping him/her deal with logistical questions, staff, and other touchy situations. Lastly, Rainer predicts the role of the executive pastor will evolve into either a Chief of Staff-type position (staff-oriented) or an Operations Pastor position, which would be more oriented toward the inner workings of the church including finance, facilities, and committee oversight.