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Viewers Want More News on Religion

In a poll report from the Pew Research Center for Excellence in Journalism, 41% of Americans say there is not enough news coverage of religious and spiritual issues. Women (44%) are more likely than men (37%) to seek more coverage of this area as are young adults ages 18-29 (49%) more likely than those over age 50 (35%). Race/ethnicity is also a factor, with African-Americans (57%) significantly more likely than both whites (38%) and Hispanics (43%) to say they would like to see more coverage of religion and spirituality. Just under two-thirds (63%) agree with statement that “major news organizations do a good job covering all of the important news stories and subjects that matter to me.” Yet 72% also back the idea that “most news sources today are biased in their coverage.” Some of the explanation for this dichotomy seems to be rooted in the views of partisans. Liberals and Democrats are more likely to say the big news organizations do a good job on subjects that matter to them, while conservatives and Republicans are the ones most likely to see coverage as biased.