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Don't Lose Your Reverence

One of the greatest threats to the things we love is the curse of familiarity.

When it comes to waning love, we usually talk a lot about losing your passion. You don’t love something as much as you once did. But a lot of it really comes down to losing your reverence. You don’t view it the way that you once did.

There is a strange dynamic that occurs any time something new is introduced into our lives. Initially we approach it with a great deal of reverence and care. Almost awe. But then we become familiar with it. Comfortable. What was once special becomes commonplace. And before you know it, you’re taking it for granted.

At first no food was allowed on the new furniture. But as time went by you made exceptions. Now you’ve had to flip the cushions to hide the stains.

When you first got your present job, you thanked God for the fact that you got to wake up and go to work.  Now you have to wake up and go to work.

You used to light up when your spouse walked in the room. Now you barely notice.

When you first started walking with God you had a lot of reverence for Him. You couldn’t believe that you got to pray to the God of the universe. But then you became comfortable with Him. Now prayer is just a conversation you have to catch up with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Or a box to be checked off every day.

You haven’t lost your passion. You’ve lost your reverence. You’ve succumbed to familiarity. And familiarity in turn has killed your passion.

In one sense, this seems inevitable. Your job is going to be there when you get up. Your couch and spouse are going to be there when you get home. And God is always with you.

But it’s not inevitable. Familiarity has an antidote, and it’s gratitude.

Gratitude sustains reverence. Gratitude is the perpetual reminder that what you have is special because it is a gift from God.

Every time you sit on your couch, it’s a gift to be thankful for.
Every time your spouse enters a room, it’s a gift to be thankful for.
Every chance you have to pray to the God who knows the stars by name and yours as well is a gift to be thankful for.

Don’t lose your reverence. Fight familiarity. Be grateful for every gift from God that you have. And remember, whether you’ve had something for ten days or ten years, everything you have is a gift.