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10 Enemies to Church Growth

James Meeks, founder and senior pastor of Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, built his church up from 200 people to a church of over 22,000 now, baptizing scores of new believers every year. He plainly says, “Everyone can have a growing church,” and warns church leaders about these enemies to growth:

ENEMY #1: Lack of Faith.

Leaders need to not just believe their church will grow; they need to expect it to grow and act like it will.  

ENEMY #2: Lack of Knowledge.

In Hosea, the people perished because of a lack of knowledge. What you don’t know can kill you!  

ENEMY #3: Expecting God to Treat You Differently Than Everyone Else.

All the laws of growth apply equally to everyone. He can do a great work through you just as easily as He does through Billy Graham or Rick Warren.

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ENEMY #4: Thinking that Growth Is Not a Goal.

Growth is ALWAYS the goal of the New Testament church. Don’t be afraid to count people; God does.

ENEMY #5: An Unsure Pastor.

The speed of the leader suggests the speed of the team. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and know Me.” Do not lead ambiguously.

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