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Campaign Aims to Improve Christianity's Image

A new campaign seeks to reverse the idea that Christians are judgmental, intolerant, homophobic, and hypocritical by encouraging public confession of these sins as a first-step toward healing. The Christian Post reported on the My Confession campaign, organized by Changing the Face of Christianity, Inc. and launched on Tuesday of this week by founder R. Brad White, a former atheist. White says participants in the campaign can leave notes of confession in public places—say a public restroom mirror or an ATM—then take a photo of the posted note and upload it to the campaign website. He anticipates participants to confess sins such as hatred of another person, judgmentalism, failing to read their Bible or attend church, or homophobia. “We are trying to help Christians actually change for the better,” says White. “This begins by acknowledging we have a problem through heartfelt confession. … My confession is I’ve been a homophobic Christian.” The campaign website is located at MyConfession.org.

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