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TX Police Deter Sex Trade Around Super Bowl


According to Texas authorities and advocacy groups, prostitution and sex trafficking increases in cities during big events like this Sunday’s Super Bowl in Arlington; they say last year’s Super Bowl in Miami attracted as many as 100,000 prostitutes and sex traffickers to the area. But local police and advocacy groups are doing their best to limit the reach of the sex trade in their city this weekend. Volunteers are roaming the neighborhoods in Dallas and other cities distributing flyers, door hangers, posters, and other materials with anti-trafficking information aimed at the thousands of men flocking to the area for the big game. Local police plan to conduct stings and special patrols to help limit sex trafficking and prostitution. They’ve even put up billboards and developed commercials warning potential “johns” of arrest if they partake. In one commercial, Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff says, “As a man and a father of two beautiful girls…I’m telling you that real men don’t buy children. They don’t buy sex.” Dallas assistant police chief Thomas Lawrence says he hopes the campaign and crackdown will help “people to know what human trafficking looks like.”

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