5 Reasons Why People Aren't Giving in Your Church

I want to challenge you to take this list and allow your ministry team to go through these items together. This could create a massive revolution of giving in your church!

We have found 5 key reasons people aren’t giving as faithfully or consistently as we want them to.

1. People don’t feel needed.

At one time, I remember church funding being all about need! The “weekly need” was published in the bulletin, and the goal was to meet the weekly need. I believe we have swung the pendulum too far away from this.

We don’t want to be “that” church, so we try to make our churches look like everything is professional and “done.” People park the cars in the parking lot, we have nice signs and great children’s workers.

We are trained to create a culture where everything feels “done” and people feel welcomed more than needed.

The problem is while we project the idea that everything is OK, the church is struggling to stay afloat financially. People want to be needed. People are attracted to needs.

I’m not going to solve the tension today, so I want you to ask your team this:

How can we help our people feel more needed financially?

2. People don’t understand.

I truly believe if people just had a clear picture of where the church is headed, you could solve most of your funding issues.

People need VISION and CLARITY about the future more than we think they do. People’s giving rarely increases unless you give them something to stretch for.

We find that when a church has three to four objectives they want to accomplish through their operational budget, and they highlight them to the congregation and make a specific ask, people move their giving!

Ask this question:

What are we trying to accomplish over the next 12 months that we could clarify for our congregation to fund?

We assume because we are clear that they are clear. Nothing is further from the truth!

3. People feel like the church wants something from them, not for them.

I have found pastors think they are closer to their people than they really are.

You know who I learn the most from when meeting with staff teams? The spouses.

The spouses who are not on staff give me more insight into the relational credibility of the senior leadership more than the staff team. Here is the deal: Most of the time, we stay quiet about money until we need some. This is why you have to create relational equity with your donors each day, week, month and year.

For instance, having a thriving personal financial ministry is building equity. Sending first-time givers thank-you notes is building equity. An overnight generosity retreat with your top giving and ministry leaders is building equity. A teaching series on money WITHOUT an ask is building equity.

You have to build more equity than you hope to withdraw.

What are your strategic times to build relational equity with your donors this year? What are you going to do FOR them?

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Casey Graham
Casey Graham is the founder of The Rocket Company. He worked for ten years in the trenches of local church ministry, which led to his passion for helping church leaders win in their ministry and personal lives. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, kids and their Westie dog named Westie.

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