5 Reasons Why People Aren't Giving in Your Church

4. People aren’t educated.

I have met with more than 1,000 people in a one-on-one financial coaching environment. I never met with one person who was tithing.

Most people would say to me, “We can’t tithe.” About 90 minutes later, they would walk out of the meeting knowing they COULD tithe, but they are choosing not to. In reality, they are choosing five magazine subscriptions over giving to God. That is just reality.

Personal financial education ministry is a must!

You have to train your people on spending, saving, debt and giving! It’s imperative! We are the spiritual leaders, and they are lost sheep in this area!

How can we increase our personal financial education system this year?

5. People don’t know what is expected.

It is so funny that we want to reach all these lost people, but we rarely tell them what the Bible says about giving. It is 100 percent expected of us to give to God and be generous.

How are you helping people understand the theology of giving and all the Bible has to say about it? When people know what is expected, they will oftentimes meet that expectation.

How can we leverage our offering times this year to teach people what the Bible says about giving?

For a lot of people, the reason they are not giving is not their fault. We have to take responsibility and help them get on board NOW! 

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Casey Graham
Casey Graham is the founder of The Rocket Company. He worked for ten years in the trenches of local church ministry, which led to his passion for helping church leaders win in their ministry and personal lives. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, kids and their Westie dog named Westie.

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