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Pastor Denies Communion to Non-Givers

FoxNews reported on the pastor of a small Baptist church in Houston, Texas who allegedly refused to serve communion to members who didn’t give of their tax refunds toward the church’s parking lot construction project. The reports said Pastor John Goodman admitted to denying his congregation communion, saying that only a handful of members “do what’s right by the church” financially and calling the ones who do not give “devils” and “demons.” One member who spoke on condition of anonymity said Pastor Goodman asked the congregation last Sunday during services who was going to give of their tax refunds toward the parking lot project, and when no one responded, communion service was canceled. Goodman called the matter a “spiritual thing” and offered to “draw the demons out” of anyone who asked. According to the report, the parking lot must be built within six months or the land will revert to another owner.

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