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Does the Bible Matter in Today's World?


A FOXNews opinion column written by Vishal Mangalwadi revisits the relevance question in relation to the Bible and our troubled world culture. Mangalwadi, author of The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization, suggests in the column that warring countries ilke Afghanistan and Iraq take another look at the Bible instead of weaponry as their source of liberation: “Why do most American presidents place a hand on the Bible to take the oath of office? Secular education has made that a meaningless tradition, but the tradition exists because the Bible is the secret of America’s freedom.” He also writes that the American political economy would heal itself under the guidance of its original, biblical ethic: “This great nation was built by … a spirituality that taught citizens to work, earn, save, invest, and use their wealth to serve their neighbors. This biblical ethic has been replaced by secularism’s entitlement culture that teaches people they have a right to this, that, and the other without corresponding obligations to work, save, and serve.” Mangalwadi rebukes the nation’s acceptance of the voice of the people as equal to the voice of God and warns, “Every culture that rejects the kingdom of God condemns itself to be ruled by men.”   

What are your thoughts? How would the adoption of the Bible into the American political economy change our nation and our world?

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