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Belief Poll: Moral Issues Divide Americans

Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll revealed that doctor-assisted suicide is the most controversial cultural issue in America, with respondents divided 45 percent vs. 48 percent over whether it is morally acceptable or wrong. Abortion (39 percent vs. 51 percent) and having children outside marriage (54 percent vs. 41 percent) also divide Americans. The majority of Americans consider homosexuality morally acceptable (56 percent), along with sex outside marriage (60 percent) stem cell research (62 percent), gambling (64 percent), the death penalty (65 percent) and divorce (69 percent). Most Americans consider consider the cloning of animals to be immoral (62 percent), along with pornography (66 percent), suicide (80 percent), human cloning (84 percent), polygamy (86 percent), and married men and women having affairs (91 percent). These attitudes have remained stable since 2010.