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Ed Young: From Abstract Vision to Concrete Reality

Vision. It’s a buzzword in leadership. It’s the “what if?” question that drives us to create and communicate. The challenge is molding that buzzword into reality.

Cast. Cast. Cast.
No matter how effective you are as a leader, people will have a tendency to forget the vision over time. So your job is to remind them of it, continually. How? Cast. Cast. Cast.

In other words: Say it, spray it, wheel it, deal it, and make them feel it. But do not give them the opportunity to forget it.

Kill the Sacred Cow.
Few things can derail vision faster than the mentality of doing something simply because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Change is ok. In fact, it’s vital. That doesn’t mean you change the vision. But you can change the way the vision is carried out.

Regularly look at what your organization does – events, departments, programs, and even staff members. If something begins to drag people away from the vision God has given you, don’t be afraid to cut it.

Keep It Simple.
For some reason, complexity is mistaken for being “deep.” But truly, complexity is just muddiness. The most powerful message in the world, the Gospel, is incredibly simple and simply incredible. To keep the vision clear and out front: 


A God-given vision doesn’t need fluff added to it. Make sure you communicate in clear language what God has shown you. And you’ll find yourself and your organization moving from “What if?” to “What is.”