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50 Ways to Activate a Missional Lifestyle

  1. Make cookies or other baked goods with a caring note for a neighbor.
  2. Ask questions that will lead into a discussion about spiritual things.
  3. Get a detailed map of your neighborhood and put it up in your home and start praying together as a family for your neighbors.
  4. Use the above map (#3) to plan and strategize how you will contact and reach every home in your neighborhood.
  5. Throw a block party or BBQ and invite all your neighbors to come.
  6. Start conversations while waiting in line at the grocery store and share the love of Christ with the people around you.
  7. Talk to those around you while waiting to get your hair cut.
  8. Ask your doctor or dentist if you can buy a subscription for a good Christian magazine to put in the waiting room.
  9. When you have a doctor or dentist appointment, talk to people in the waiting room and ask how you could pray for them.
  10. Wear a happy smile and make people wonder what’s up!
  11. Sponsor a neighborhood movie night to get to know your neighbors better and build quality relationships.
  12. Help the kids in your neighborhood to sponsor an Easter egg hunt.
  13. Initiate “over the fence” or “across the driveway” conversations with your neighbors.
  14. Sponsor a free hot dog barbeque in the park and use it as an opportunity for your family to love others.
  15. Look for needs and meet them with the love of Christ!
  16. Help all the neighborhood kids sponsor a Christmas play and invite their parents.
  17. Go Christmas caroling and share the good news!
  18. Do a skit or “mini-concert” in the park or local coffee house as an opportunity to share Christ.
  19. Play in pick-up basketball games at local parks and use it as opportunity to meet others and share Christ.
  20. Donate good Christian books to the school library.
  21. Offer your neighbors to ride with you to church and then do lunch together afterwards.
  22. Share the gospel in your Christmas letter.
  23. Learn your neighbors’ interests and spend time with them doing things they like to do.
  24. Respond to newspaper articles with biblical truth.
  25. Take elderly neighbors shopping.
  26. Help your family sponsor a free car wash.
  27. Have a neighborhood garage sale and look for ways to share Christ.
  28. Make food baskets for your neighbors.
  29. Study with non-Christians.
  30. Go out to eat with your neighbors.
  31. Invite your neighbors over for dinner.
  32. Help sponsor a reunion (family, school, club, athletic team, etc.) and look for ways to share your testimony.
  33. Have a “backyard Bible club” in your yard for children in your neighborhood.
  34. Play Christian music at work (if allowed).
  35. Show appreciation to your neighbors for being your neighbors.
  36. Have lunch with people at work and share what a difference Jesus makes in your life.
  37. Encourage your kids to play with neighborhood kids and be a light for Christ.
  38. Work out at a local athletic club and share the good news with others.
  39. Be a coach for a kids’ sports team and look for ways to point others to Christ.
  40. Get involved in the P.T.A. at your children’s school and serve like Jesus.
  41. Get involved in local civic clubs and look for opportunities to “be Jesus” to others.
  42. Have a movie night and show a good movie with free popcorn for your neighborhood.
  43. Sponsor a neighborhood picnic.
  44. Sponsor a neighborhood progressive dinner.
  45. Go shopping together with your neighbors.
  46. Play tennis or racquetball with non-Christians and share your grace story.
  47. Baby-sit for your neighbors.
  48. Encourage your children to have neighborhood children over.
  49. Knock on all the doors in your neighborhood and introduce your family.
  50. Ask your neighbors’ advice on things (home repairs, auto mechanics, landscaping, etc.)
  51. Pray daily for opportunities to be Jesus to those around you – and take them.
  52. Give your neighbors Christmas presents.
  53. Have a Christmas open house.

I don’t remember where I got this list–but I’ve updated it a few times and passed it on to others. Every idea might not work for you, but hopefully, the list will get you started. The important thing is to ask the Lord to show you how to be a missionary in your neighborhood.