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Tony Morgan: 8 Reasons Your Church Is Stuck


A couple of weeks ago, I released my newest eBook, The Leisure Suit Trap: 8 Reasons Your Church Is Stuck. As I’ve had the opportunity to interact and work with churches over the last several years, there are some common themes.

These are the challenges that churches typically face when ministry starts to plateau or decline.

Here are 8 Reasons Your Church Is Stuck

You lack a leadership empowerment plan.

We have failed as leaders in the church if we do not embrace the unique gift-mix that God designed. And we won’t fully know the power and impact of the local church until people are empowered to be the people God wired them up to be.

You are unclear about your vision and mission.

There are lots of churches with vision statements, but I don’t think there are very many churches that really have a vision statement that clarifies who they are as an organization. A clear vision that is properly communicated will both rally and repel people.

You blame outsiders and external factors.

Victim-thinking will only lead to bitterness and competition. Leaders who blame outsiders and external factors actually are confessing their own failure to think creatively and inspire their team.

Your structure inhibits growth.

One of the attributes of a church in decline is a complex structure. The natural tendency of organizations is to add complexity to their structure and systems. The longer an organization exists, the more complex it typically gets.