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Margaret Feinberg: The Proverbs 31 Politician

July 29, 2011

Author and Christian thought-leader Margaret Feinberg wrote a piece for yesterday’s Washington Post with questions about the role of Christian women in politics and what the Bible offers in relation to the topic. Feinburg remarked that the Bible is “nearly silent on the role on the issue of women in the workplace, political or otherwise” but “whispers affirmation” in the stories of Esther and Deborah. She says that, since the Bible does not overtly prevent women from running for public office, the question becomes a matter of whether or not they are the most qualified candidate the office. She asks specifically in relationship to current hopeful Michele Bachmann: “Should she run for president? Is she truly the best candidate? Does she have the experience and know-how?” She then concluded by clarifying, “The big issue for the 2012 election won’t be and shouldn’t be a question of gender. Rather, we need to ask who the best person is to turn around our economy, bring home our troops, and clean up Washington. And on that, the vote is still out.”  Read the complete story here.  

What do you think? Does the Bible offer or suggest a directive to Christian women in politics? Give your comments below.